The Knight And The King

Lyrics: C. Jaiser / Music: A. Wennemann


I came home late at night

Find the rooms empty and cold

Where is the iron knight

Who fights for me like I was told

In the fairytales long time ago



You always felt like a king

You took whatever you needed

You thought if you only bring

Some flowers instead of love seeds

Everything would be ok?




How you dare

To knock on my door

After all there's nothing to say anymore

You didn't take

The chances and much more

Now it's my turn so please leave this floor




I was too blind to realise

 You would never see me

You’re an alien in disguise

Where’s my knight to set me free

 When you promise again to give everything





Yes, it's true

We sang the canticles of Solomon

And my heart still remembers...

But you've gambled

Caged our love seeds in your Ego-tower

You shall be cursed with a spell from the bible

He who sows the wind

shall reap the whirlwind

So don't even think

I will change my mind




How you dare (Where is my knight)

To knock on my door (To set me free)

After all (After all)

There's nothing to say anymore (He'll push you out of the door)

You didn't take (Your Love was a fake)

The chances and much more (This was the problem's core)

Now it's my turn (Just go away)

So please leave this floor (And leave my floor)