Chain Carousel

Lyrics: C. Jaiser / Music: A. Wennemann

Sometimes I see the world spinning around

And I feel like sitting in a chaincarousel

With you holding hands


Centrifugal forces drive me into space

My fears wake up, my mind is in a haze

With you it's like a movie




Spinning round in circles,

enjoy delightful feelings

Don't be afraid of tomorrow,

there will be no ceiling

Just touch the (blue) sky and then

reach out one hand

Two merry-go-round seats

sent into orbit –

let us expand



Taking to the air my seat higher and higher

I start to see the world and my life from above

With you it's like a movie


Oh, joy pours out, heralds a different meaning

Move on from usual ground can signify a healing

With you holding hands







This movie carried us too far

No words and tones, and we're the stars

The acting unpredictable

A silent film, how about a happy end?


Oh please, please help my unbelief!

Make my fear fly away

Orbit my will to enjoy the moment

Like a heavenly body







Give yourself in and let yourself out

Take the hand next to you - in the

merry-go-round ...